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About me (oneyesoneno)

In my opinion...

The most suitable words to describe you is "Revolutionary, Creative and Passionate". It is because you are looking for opportunity and knowledge to create entrepreneurial spirit with a positive mindset.

Here I am...

My name is Oneyesoneno from Indonesia, and of coz it is not my real name ^_^v, but you can call me "Hadi" if you want to. For the record, i am the same as you because I am very OBSESSED to learn new things. That is why i started blogging as hobby since 2014 to show how passionate i am. At the beginning, i start posting articles surrounding business online's opportunites in Indonesia. After that i start posting about world's technology, internet's tips & trick and also some wonderful motivation articles . Then until one years ago, i become very interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Please also note that:

Just because I mentioned some name of projects on the website, it doesn't mean that i recommend investment. So please do your own research and take responsible of your own action. I will NEVER be your financial consultant.

As time went by...

I wasn't even aware that blogging HAD BECOME a part of my life and this site is not only for my own references anymore. It is for everyone who wants to live differently and call their own shots. I am really enjoy writing out information and updates for anyone who needed it, especially for those who is having English language barrier or someone who did not aware of opportunities which are making a life changing finance.

So... You may ask, "Where to start"? 
  • If you want to keep up with current in the cryptocurrency and online space, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you love to hear me live, i am also recording videos to my Youtube Channel on regular basis. 
  • If you want to engage with our crypto's community, you can join us on our telegram groups 


The only one thing that motivating me to keep this site going on is.... YOU! So... i really thanks you for being here and i genuinely appreciate it.


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